don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense

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Anonymous: Why are all these boys so cute omg

haha Idk man

Anonymous: How old are you

I’m 16

Anonymous: Do u have kik or snapchat????

CapnCassasaur. I’m a girl but you’re free to snap me :)

emmybear666: Great blog! Also... Is that you in the last gif? Cause if it is... Damn! Don't ever change

haha no xD

readgoddammit: Is that u in ur profile pic???



The front bottoms, brand new, the wonder years and La dispute 

xxmodified-bodiesxx: How do you get so many followers i reblog a lot like someone else said but that doesn't work and people from my instagram don't really follow and when i upload my own post they don't get rarely any notes help me?

Are you tagging? It’s all about the tags. Try things like emo, scene. the sterio types work pretty good for bring in stuff. I usally get at least 20 on a picture

pupcheco-deactivated20140518: hey there :)


boobutt21: Do u have kik ? :3

Yeha CassOverboard if it doens’t work try CassOverboardx I’m far to lazy to see which one is correct